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Hello! I'm Sara Baxter and I have been proofreading everything from college essays to business documents on and off for over ten years.  I also spent two and a half years studying as a court reporter, followed by another year working as a freelance legal transcriptionist so I am familiar with legal jargon and what a clean, put-together transcript, deposition, hearing, and interview look like.  

Services and Rates

All of my rates include:

* Proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors

* Correcting Mistranslates

* Correcting Formatting Errors, such as colloquy, Q&A, and by-lines.

* Building index

Regular w/full audio (2-5 days): $1.25/page

Rush w/full audio (1-2 days): $1.55/page

Expedited w/full audio (within 24 hours): $1.85/page

* Price may be higher for really messy transcripts

If you do not provide full audio, I can proofread the transcript, looking for spelling and grammatical errors, for the following prices:

Regular (2-5 days): $.45

Rush (1-2 days): $.60

Expedited (within 24 hours): $.75

start-to-finish process

Please download the Preference Sheet (at the top of this page) and email it, as well as the transcript, back to me at I will notify you when I receive the CaseCATalyst file and will verify the cost and delivery date at that time as well. 

I will email the corrected pages to you in a CaseCATalyst file, along with any notes or comments.   

All payments must be made through Paypal or Google Pay when project is completed.

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Every project is unique. Do you have a deadline or a specific formatting/layout for your final copy?

Send us a message with any questions or concerns and we'll get back to you with answers as soon as we can.

Sara J. Baxter

Email: Text: 206-743-7559